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19 December 2022

Leila Heller Gallery

Gracias Zoe Torres por ser tan encantadora y “elevando nuestra frecuencia.”
Interview with Marie Helene by Zoe Torres

14 July 2022

University of Connecticut


18 June 2022
Brooklyn Waterfront Artists



14 November 2021

7 July 2021

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26 June 2021


2 June 2021


14 April 2021

12 December 2020


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30 December 2017


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23 August 2017

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25 July 2017

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11 June 2017

01 March 2017


Marie-Hélène at the Conrad New York:

Rotating Exhibitions

The first floor lobby features rotating art exhibits by local and prominent artists.

The artwork currently on display is by Belgian-born, Brooklyn based Artist-in-Residence, Marie-Hélène. Her collection is focused on spring and nature.
“Life springs out of the cold winter stones and dead wood. The art here represents spring water bubbles, butterflies, ladybirds, shrubbery, rose flowers and of course some spirals found in nature.”
For the works, a photograph is printed using certain types of dyes on a two-part paper (specifically a film on paper).
Once the image is printed, the film with the image is separated from its supporting paper. The film is treated chemically and after a few minutes placed flat on hot water in a large tub. Then a 3D object is plunged onto the film into the water. After a minute the dyes are transferred exactly to the 3D object. 
Marie-Hélène’s and Gryphon Fine Arts are pleased to present this new technique at the Conrad New York.

10 February 2017


Conrad Hotel Art

Marie-Hélène and Gryphon Fine Arts are thrilled to be at the Conrad Hotel.

“Rotating Exhibitions

The first floor lobby features rotating art exhibits by local and prominent artists.

Currently on display is the artwork is by Belgian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Marie-Hélène. The ‘Spirals’ collection features five individual art pieces, all based on the Golden Ratio. Her body of work primarily consists of steel sculptures and reliefs. Her latest collection, ‘Spirals’ introduces rich and vibrant colors on patinated copper plate whilst exploring the Golden Ratio, a formula many artists and architects believe creates the most pleasing and beautiful shapes. Other collections include ‘Metal,’ ‘Doodles,’ and ‘Aquatic.’ Visit the Site: for more information.”

12 November 2016


Marie-Hélène enlarged details chosen from “Horizons”, work on copper, using Divine Geometry.
We see bones and vertebrae, reminding us of fossils, these fossils found by ancient Scythian nomads who mined gold in Central Asia. It is suggested that fossil skeletons of beaked dinosaurs, may have been a root image of this mythical creature known as the Gryphon. Gryphons are described as lion-sized quadrupeds with large claws and a raptor-bird-like beak. The lion was traditionally considered to be king of beasts and the eagle king of birds, naturally the Gryphon was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. While there is evidence of Gryphon representations as far back as 3,300 BC. Greek writers depict the Gryphon around 675 B.C., at the same time Greeks first made contact with Scythian nomads. Gryphons were reported as guarding the gold deposits in the arid of the wilderness. The region of Central Asia where many Protoceratops fossils are found is rich in gold runoff from the neighboring mountains. Many cultures assume the Gryphon is a guardian. In antiquity it was a symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine…

15 November 2013

Art Business News Fall 2013: Moving Elements
Marie-Hélène’s work draws heqavily from mythology and lore.


22 December 2012

Art Business News artBUSINESS NEWS winter 2012

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